Cold Love: UPDATED

Hey guys and gals,

Winter is here, the perfect season for cuddling, hot chocolates, fireplaces, sitting at home binge watching TV shows (I’m obsessed with The Carrie Diaries right now) and nice comfy jumpers.  But what about the cold weather brings desire to be in a relationship?

All around social media there is the idea that summer season is “hoe season” well lets break that down…

Hoe =  1. A skank. 2. A woman who is too loose in the booty. 3. Woman or man who will fuck anything with two legs. 4. A promiscuous person

In the summer it’s hot, clothes are loose and short and apparently relationships are short too, the sound of commitment is uncalled for and overrated. Summer is meant to be filled of wild flings and letting your hair down. Where relationships don’t have a warm welcome.

On the other side of the spectrum there is winter, why does the sound of getting hot chocolates and sitting at home look so much better in the picture with a loved one? For me I go through a stage I’m oh so familiar with and that is the desperation for a relationship. A time I’m no longer happy to be single and worry if it’s too late for me to find a man. The problem is so many girls go through this the second they need a jumper on, which makes it that more difficult to find someone to date.

So I’m opening up to anyone reading this, do you have the desire to date more when you’re in winter or summer and why? Also let me know if you agree with this or if that the season doesn’t matter and that it’s all a coincidence. You can either email me at or head to my Instagram itsabigailmoulton and either direct message or comment on my recent post your answer.


Thank you to all the babes that replied xox

Some of you agreed and that its cold and you want to cuddle and that winter is the ideal time for intimacy.

Others said that I was crazy and that the desire to be in a relationship is a pure coincidence and that we shouldn’t dwell on it.

While some of you told me that you have the craving of a relationship every season, all year around. Some said that your answer made you feel like you’re a loser for wanting a relationship every time of the year. So to that person don’t even worry about it, everyone wants a relationship and when doesn’t matter.

– AR x