how i fell in love with my flaws

Hey guys and gals,

So I’ve been looking at social media lately (like most teenagers) and I’ve come to the realization that nowadays even with so much acceptance around, there is still an expectation on being flawless, perfect and fit in with the crowd.

Since I was younger I got told being skinny, having blonde hair and blue eyes would make me be popular, if I was born earlier maybe I would’ve but unfortunately I was born into a generation where being ‘thicc’, tan skin, brunette and having big boobs results in somewhat popularity.

Being popular is ever-changing, and being popular is the best until times change and evolves because once you aren’t considered ‘hot’ your tossed aside. I don’t know whats worse and more degrading, never being considered popular or being popular and being used.

Eventually, popularity will be about flaws and how unique someone is, this may not be in the near future, but if you are someone who loves their skin, body, mind and soul then no matter what changes you will forever consider yourself beautiful. So I’m going to tell you the same thing your parents, grandparents, friends all say and your probably going to roll your eyes when I say (type?) this, but, you are an inspiration, you are unique, one of a kind and most importantly beautiful. The flaws you have whether its your smile, hair, stretch marks, boobs or lack of, eyes, height, laugh and everything in between you still look amazing.

Okay, weird mushy post over but know that you don’t have to fit in but you don’t have to stand out either and if you just accept every aspect of yourself no bully or mean girl will ever make you feel like crap (or as much).

– AR x